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Webinar "Protection and Enforcement of Design Rights in Russia"

28 February 2017

11.15-12.00 a.m. (EST)
8.15-9.00 a.m. (PST)
17.15-18.00 (CET)
19.15-20.00 (Moscow time)


Official statistics of the Russian PTO shows the growing interest of foreign industrial design filing and registration in Russia. Indeed, there are many reasons for that but the reasonable balance between the associated costs, timing, scope of protection and enforcement of industrial designs is amongst the most important aspects in this particular area. The idea of this webinar is to demonstrate the best practices, including the case law, with regard to protection and enforcement of industrial design rights.

The webinar is divided in two parts: the first one will provide you with the insight on the main issues involved in the registration of design rights in Russia. Recently revised law let future patent owners increase the scope of protection, but how and what for will be explained during the webinar with the accent on the most crucial points. The second part of the webinar will highlight practical issues relating to design management and enforcement strategies.


This webinar will be equally useful for patent and trademark attorneys, design and copyright attorneys, lawyers and business people who are interested in getting significant knowledge about the current situation as well as the developments of the Russian system of protection of design rights and its impact on the whole national and international IP practice. The webinar is a unique opportunity for the respective IP practitioners to get a better understanding of what specific strategies and tactics can be used by design owners in the legal, business and marketing IP-related planning.


  • Scope of protection of industrial design patent
  • Representations of the article
  • Unity requirement
  • Examination of the industrial design application
  • Dual protection of designs (copyright v. industrial design patent)
  • The concept of ‘informed user’ under Russian law and practice
  • Current litigation and enforcement practice related to industrial designs

Duration: 45 minutes (presentation 30 min., Q&A 15 min)

Alexander Vasilets, Partner, Design Attorney, Head of Industrial Design Department, Gorodissky & Partners
Sergey Medvedev, PhD, LLM, Trademark &Design Attorney, Senior Lawyer, Gorodissky & Partners

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During the webinar the attendees will be able to watch and hear the speaker and see the PPT presentation (of the speaker). Questions can be asked online and answered at the end of the speaker’s presentation. It is recommended that all attendees join the webinar 15 minutes before the presentation starts.


This webinar is free.

Note: Please register for the webinar in advance since the number of attendees is limited.

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If you have any queries regarding this event please contact Venera Kanukova at kanukovav@gorodissky.ru, or call us: +7 (495) 937-6116/6109.

Webinar "Protection and Enforcement of Design Rights in Russia"

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