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EAPO announced official fees increase

December 2016

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

The Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) has announced official fees increase starting from January 01, 2017. The announcement is currently available only in the Russian language part of the EAPO Internet site and informs the users of the Eurasian Patent System that starting from January 01, 2017 the fees become averagely 15% higher than their previous rates. Along with increase of official fees the EAPO raises from previous 20 to new 50 percent the provisional reduced tariff that a citizen or permanent resident of a state with GNP less than 3,000 USD per capita shall pay when patenting with the EAPO. The EAPO introduces the raised fees for all new and pending applications as well as for granted Eurasian patents.

Having reviewed the new Statute on Fees we further alert the current and potential applicants that the Statute not only changes the rates but also a structure of certain fees. The most important changes are associated with the filing and examination fees. For the filing fees the EAPO introduces further increase per additional claim after 20th and 50th claims raising the fee per claim for additional 8 and 20 percent respectively at reaching these claim numbers. The examination fees according to the new Statute are charged for each independent claim while previously EAPO charged flat examination fees for more than five independent claims on file.

The amounts of the fees according to the Statute are reflected in Russian Rubles but are payable also in US Dollars or Euro basing on the Russian Central Bank exchange rate on the payment date.

In the view of the raising fees we have already undertaken all appropriate measures to optimize the expenses of our clients and are open to comment the new Statute in all detail to any interested person with regard to potential patent proceedings.