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IP Valuation and Commercialisation

Intellectual property is extremely valuable, and is sometimes worth more than any other assets in a companys portfolio. Consequently, a realistic IP valuation is crucial to finding investment — but is also used in an array of other situations. We conduct IP valuation for our Russian and foreign clients in the following situations:

  • when they need to contribute specific IP rights to the authorised share capital
  • when they enter intangible assets on their balance sheet
  • when they sell, license and pledge IP rights
  • when they are looking for investors and deal with creditors
  • when they need to calculate damages during IP enforcement proceedings
  • when they need to determine an inventor/authors fee
  • when they develop and commercialise new technologies

Our firm has considerable experience in conducting valuation of exclusive IP rights, including patents, know-how, copyright, trademarks, software and other types of intellectual property.

In addition to the valuation of IP rights, we can help to commercialise the related rights, technologies and products. In particular, we can assist in finding potential investors and creditors, with the help of our partner company Technopol-Moscow. We can also hold negotiations, prepare documents and finalise our clients deals, with our clients full confidence that we thoroughly understand their goals and objectives.