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Maxim Gorbachev

Maxim Gorbachev

Russian Patent Attorney Eurasian Patent Attorney
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  • Moscow Space Instrument Technical School (1992–1996)
  • Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science (1996–2002)
  • WIPO Academy (2003)
  • Boehmert & Boehmert (Munich, Germany) (2013)


  • Federal Institute of Industrial Property (2002–2006)
  • Gorodissky and Partners since 2006


  • Russian
  • English
Patents in the field of:
  • Targeted medical products
  • Medical instruments
  • Diagnostic & therapeutic equipment
  • Manufacture of household appliances
  • Manufacture of photocopiers, office machines for offset printing, other office equipment and their components
  • Computers and other types of data processing equipment
  • Electrical lamps and other lighting equipment
  • Electronic devices
  • Semi-conductor components
  • Piezo-electrical crystals
  • Integrated circuits, micro-assemblies, and micro-modules
  • Television and radio transmission equipment, telecommunications apparatus
  • Apparatus for receiving, recording, and playback of sound and image signals
  • Video monitors and video projectors
  • Electroacoustic equipment
  • Recording and play-back sound equipment and video equipment
  • Antenna technology
  • Apparatus to measure x-ray, alpha, beta, and gamma radiation
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
  • Devices for measuring, monitoring, testing, navigating, controlling, and other purposes
  • Radar, radio navigation apparatus, and remotely control radio equipment
  • Instruments and apparatus for monitoring and measuring electrical values and ionizing radiation parameters in electrical operations and communications
  • Instruments and apparatus for controlling physical characteristics, parameters, and values
  • Instruments and apparatus for the automated regulation and control
  • Apparatus and instruments for measuring, monitoring, navigating, testing, controlling, and like purposes
  • Optical instruments, photographic and film-making equipment


  • “Patenting as a protection of innovations” (seminar “IP Strategies for Company Successful Development”, Ekaterinburg, Perm, April 2013)
  • “Patenting in the EAEC countries” (the 12th Annual Seminar " IP Strategies for Company Successful Development”, Moscow, April 2014)
  • “Legal protection of Russian innovations abroad” (seminar of the Center of Strategic Researches of the Moscow State Lomonosov University and the Russian Foundation for Technological Development, Moscow, October 2014)
  • “Planning patent prosecution in BRIC countries” (7th international BRICS IP forum (BIPF-2015), Shanghai, November 2015)
  • “Patenting in Russia and Abroad” (Seminar &ldquoAspects of IP protection abroad”, Moscow, April 2017)
  • Representation of Russian medical equipment companies in appealing cases against patent grant and objection cases against patent refusal in the Russian PTO.
  • Consulting a Russian medical equipment company on preparing and filing applications for medical equipment invention and forming the patenting strategy in Russia and abroad.
  • Consulting an innovative Russian multimedia company on obtaining of patent protection in Europe and USA.
  • Representation of a Russian company in a legal objection case against patent refusal (the application for an invention in the sphere of distant monitoring equipment and electric data testing equipment) in the Russian PTO; as a result the decision was made in favor of the presented company.
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