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Seminar “EURASIA: New IP Horizons”

26 October - 27 October 2023

The team of IP professionals from Gorodissky & Partners is inviting you to Dubai for the “EURASIA: New IP Horizons” seminar.


Special guest speaker
  • Grigory Ivliev, President, Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) of the Eurasian Patent Organization
Guest Speakers
  • Dr. Andreas Peters, Senior and Equity Partner, European Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator, Hannke Bittner & Partner | Patent- und Rechtsanwälte mbB
  • Andrey Inshakov, Patent Attorney, Head of Patent Department "Yandex"
Gorodissky & Partners

The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre

The official language for the Seminar is English.

Registration is valid upon our confirmation.

For all questions related to the seminar, please contact:
Mr. Vladimir Kravtsov
tel: +7 (495) 937 61 16
e-mail: KravtsovV@gorodissky.com


8.30 — 9.00

Moderator: Valery Medvedev
9.00 — 9.30
«Is it worth being afraid of sanctions towards IP?» (Valery Medvedev)
9.30 — 11.00
«A Thorny Way to Regionalization» (Yury Kuznetsov, Grigory Ivliev, Dr. Andreas Peters)
11.00 — 11.30
11.30 — 13.00
«Eurasian or National Patent Office – How to Make a Right Choice?» (Yury Kuznetsov, Dr. Andreas Peters, Andrey nshakov)
13.00 — 13.30
Lunch+Excursion (Museum of Future)

Moderator: Evgeny Alexandrov
9.00 — 9.40
«Impact of International Sanctions and Counter-Sanctions on Global Trade» (Evgeny Alexandrov)
9.40 — 10.20
«Eurasian Protection Systems for Designs and Trademarks» (Viacheslav Rybchak)
10.20 — 11.30
«Strategies for Trademark Enforcement against Parallel Imports and Counterfeits Offline and Online: Legal Environment and Best Practices» (Sergey Vasiliev; Kirill Kukshev)
11.30 — 12.10
12.10 — 12.50
«Licensing and Franchising - Are There New Opportunities for Businesses?» (Sergey Medvedev)
12.50 — 13.30
Discussion and closing session
Dinner in desert

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes / additions to the program.

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