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About us

Maksim Bocharov

Maksim Bocharov

Ukrainian Patent Attorney
Head of Patent Practice
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  • National Technical University of Ukraine «Kiev Polytechnic Institute» (2002-2008)
  • Institute of Intellectual Property of Odessa National Academy of Law (2008-2010)
  • WIPO Summer School on Intellectual Property (Odessa, Ukraine) (2009)


  • Boehmert & Boehmert (Munich, Germany) (2009)


  • Ukrainian Association of Patent Attorneys


  • Gorodissky and Partners since 2005


  • Russian
  • English
  • Ukrainian


  • WIPR Leaders
  • Best IP professional (Choice of Ukraine)
  • Patents in the field of:
    • Chemical production
    • Production of basic chemical products
    • Production of industrial gases
    • Production of dyes and pigments
    • Production of basic inorganic chemical products
    • Production of basic organic chemical products
    • Production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
    • Production of plastics and other synthetic products in their primary forms
    • Chemical pesticides and related agro-chemical products
    • Production of paints and other coatings
    • Production of pharmaceutical preparations and related materials
    • Production of drugs
    • Detergents, cleaning and polishing products
    • Production of perfumes and cosmetics
    • Production of lubricants, additives for lubricants and anti-freeze
    • Artificial and synthetic fibers production
    • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
    • Production of automobile tires
    • Production of plastic products
    • Manufacture of glass and glass products
    • Manufacture of fiberglass


  • Ukrainian Association of Patent Attorneys


  • WIPR Leaders
  • Best IP professional (Choice of Ukraine)

Legal consultations/regulatory questions

  • Advising a large British company on IPRs protection issues in Ukraine and CIS countries.
  • Advising the Ukrainian manufacturer on protection of technical solutions Ukraine and the EPO.
  • Consulting a large Macedonian pharmaceutical company on patent clearance of drugs and biologically active substances in Ukraine.
  • Software engineering for prosecution and maintenance of IP subject matters.
  • Consulting a large Ukrainian company on technical solutions and industrial property search in a thermal networks equipment producing process.
  • Consulting a group of European pharmaceutical companies on compliance of the patented chemical with patentability conditions in order to build a defense strategy against the patent invalidation claim.


  • Representation of a large American pharmaceutical company in the Ukrainian PTO regarding trademark assignment agreement registration.

IP rights registration

  • Prosecution of a pharma patent application for a large English pharma company to be registered in Ukraine and CIS countries.
  • Prosecution of a design patent application for a Ukrainian dental company.
  • Infringement search in Russia and Ukraine for a leading Ukrainian pharma company.
  • Trademark search and registrability analysis in Ukraine for an English company.
  • Representation of a large Ukrainian chemical company in the Ukrainian PTO.
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