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Procedure of the early termination of the legal protection of a trademark in connection with its non-use was changed

8 December 2011

On December 8, 2011, it was changed the procedure of the early termination of the legal protection of a trademark in connection with its non-use, as on the day it was issued and entered into force the Federal Law of December 8, 2011 No. 422-FZ «On introducing changes to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the establishment within the system of the arbitrazh courts the Court on intellectual property rights» (hereinafter, «Federal Law No. 422-FZ»). pravo.gov.ru

Under this law, the changes were introduced to Article 34 of the Russian Arbitrazh Procedural Code and to paragraph 1 of Article 1486 of the Russian Civil Code, and the cases of premature termination of the legal protection of a trademark in connection with its non-use now are included the jurisdiction of the Court on intellectual property rights (Articles 2 and 3 of Federal Law No. 422-FZ).

Since the Court on intellectual property rights should be formed not later than February 1, 2013, until the opening of its activities the statements of premature termination of the legal protection of a trademark because of its non-use, filed after coming into force of Federal Law No. 422-FZ, will be considered in the Arbitrazh Court of Moscow (Paragraph 6, Article 4 of Federal Law No. 422-FZ).

In such a way, from December 9, 2011, the statements in question must be cast and be considered in the Arbitrazh Court of Moscow, and not in the Chamber for Patent disputes.

For information:

On the 16.12.2011, on the site of the Russian PTO it was published The report of information to modify the legal protection early termination of a trademark in connection with its non-use.