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  • 14 December 2018

    Sergey Medvedev, Ph.D., LL.M, Trademark & Design Attorney, Senior Lawyer, Sergey Vasiliev, Ph.D, Trademark Attorney, Senior Lawyer (both from Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow), delivered  presentations at the Seminar "Export of intellectual property rights: the basic agreements, key terms & conditions", organized in the frame of the training program "Legal protection of intellectual property abroad" of the Moscow School of Export cycle of seminars.

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  • 13 December 2018

    Albert Ibragimov, Regional Director, Russian & Eurasian Patent Attorney, Anton Khomyakov, Ph.D., Russian Patent Attorney, Ramzan Khusainov, Trademark Attorney, Lawyer, (all from Gorodissky & Partners, Kazan), Dmitry Rusakov, Lawyer, (Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow), made presentations at the Seminar "Commercial principles of IP assets management", organized by Gorodissky & Partners in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan in Kazan.

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  • 7 December 2018

    Ilya Goryachev, Senior Lawyer, (Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow), gave  presentation at the Seminar "How  to avoid violation of third party  IP rights  in the course of exporting and advertising goods and services", held  in the frames of training program "Legal protection of IP assets abroad" of the Moscow School of Exporters’ cycle of seminars.

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  • 6 December 2018

    Valery Narezhny, Ph.D., Counsel, Sergey Medvedev, Ph.D., LL.M., Senior Lawyer, LES Russia member, Sergey Vasiliev, Ph.D, Senior Lawyer, LES Russia member, Stanislav Rumyantsev, Ph.D, Senior Lawyer (all from Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow), spoke on “Licensing of IP along with creating joint ventures”, “Licensing in online business” at the seminar “Licensing as an effective business development tool” organized by the Russian Licensing Society (LES Russia).

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  • 27 November - 30 November 2018

    Vladimir Mescheriakov, Counsel, and Natalia Radchenko, Ph.D., Counsel, Trademark Attorney (Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow), spoke on the Annual Scientific-Practical Conference, organized by the Russian Chamber of Patent Attorneys.

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