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Seminar “Business and Internet: IP Rights Protection and New Regulation”

4 October 2018
Seminar “Business and Internet: IP Rights Protection and New Regulation”

Sergey Medvedev, Ph.D., LL.M, Senior Lawyer, (Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow) participated at the Seminar “Business and Internet: IP Rights Protection and New Regulation”, organized by the Russian National Committee of The International Chamber of Commerce. In the frame of the Seminar Sergey Medvedev made a presentation on “Russian Anti-piracy Law: application practice and development trends”, in which he mentioned the main features of the law in its current edition (taking into account the latest changes), and also spoke about the procedure for blocking illegal content on the Internet and the main legal steps on the law application, in conclusion he expressed his personal attitude to the initiation of the Trademark Law’s extension on other intellectual property subjects.

About 50 lawyers and consultants from various Russian and international companies discussed the possible consequences of adopting a draft law on blocking mobile applications, the real possibilities of extending the Anti-piracy Law to trademarks, as well as issues of building strategies and practical recommendations for protecting exclusive rights on the Internet.