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  • Client Setra Lubrikants LLC

    Successful Representation of the Client in a Patent Infringement Case

    The specialists from Gorodissky & Partners filed with the Russian PTO an opposition to the granting of the patent, and appealed the decision to the Moscow City Court. The Russian PTO held the patent fully invalid. Taking into account the decision of the Russian PTO, the Moscow City Court reversed the decision of the trial court and ruled for the client.

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  • Client Dermophisiologique S.R.L. SB (Italy)

    Case No. СИП-180/2022: successful representation of the Client's interests in a dispute with Rospatent

    The specialists of Gorodissky & Partners successfully represented the Client's interests in court instances, as a result of which   trademark No. 652806 was cancelled. The illegally registered trademark could mislead consumers and cause significant damage to the Client’s intellectual property and business reputation.

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  • Client Novolabsystem LLC (Russia)

    Successful Representation оf the Software Developer in the Dispute on the Exclusive Rights Enforcement

    Our firm’s lawyers were able to convince the judges that the Defendant had not unlawfully used the litigious computer programme, because it was using its own software, therefore, was exploiting its own exclusive rights.

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  • Client Evalar CJSC

    Successful Representation of Client in a Dispute on Infringement of Patented Invention

    Taking into account our arguments and the expert’s opinion, the court has concluded that the invention under the Claimant’s patent is not used in the Client’s product and has dismissed its claims. Thus, the Client has got an opportunity to freely produce and market its product.

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  • Client Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI)

    Successful Representation of the Client in the Trademark Dispute and Full Termination of Its Legal Protection

    The legal protection of the disputed trademark has been fully terminated, RAMI now has an opportunity to freely use the name of the “Pomoshnik OSAGO” mobile application in the market and on the Internet.

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