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  • Client PSS Corporation (Russia)

    Successful Representation Of Client’s Interests In Complex Patent Litigation

    <p>Thanks to the comprehensive and thorough work of Gorodissky and Partners lawyers and patent attorneys, PSS Corporation succeeded in prohibiting the illegal use of the patent by competing companies, received fair monetary compensation, and rejected competitors’ unreasonable attempts to revoke the patent.

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    Successful Representation Of Client's Interests In The Series Of Disputes On Debt Collection Over 500,000,000 Rubles Under Patent License Agreements

    SCHBK approached Gorodissky & Partners as dispute resolution specialists in the field of intellectual property and commercial law for the purpose of representation of interests of state-owned enterprise.

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  • Client Kangaroo Co., Ltd. (South Korea)

    Successful Representation of a Client in the Unfair Competition Dispute

    Upon consideration of this case by the Primorsky Administration of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, a decision was made to recognize actions of AvtoBiz as unfair competition and violation of paragraph 2 of article 14.6. of the Federal Law "On the Protection of Competition".

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  • Client Data Matrix, LLC (Russia)

    Successful Representation Of A Client In The Software-Related Dispute In The Russian Intellectual Property Court

    Russian IT company Data Matrix approached Gorodissky & Partners as specialists in IT litigation and dispute resolution to represent the company’s interests and prevent the cancellation of the decision of the court of appeals. Gorodissky & Partners proposed the defense strategy aimed at the enforcement of the Client’s rights to the Software which turned to be viable in the court of cassation and the Client’s goals were achieved.

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  • Client SIAMS LLC (Russia)

    Successful representation of a client in a bankruptcy case

    Successful representation of a client in a dispute with Deposit Insurance Agency on the recognition invalid the client’s transactions made on the eve of revocation of the serving bank’s license

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