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The main segments of the telecommunications market have been quickly developing lately. This is due to active introduction of new technologies and changes in the structure of offered services. New communication operators, networks, communication equipment emerge. Transition may be observed to new kinds of telecommunication services, multiservice transport networks, wide band Internet, 4G technologies of mobile communication. With all that, the main segments of the telecommunication market are services in telephone and mobile communications, satellite and cable TV and also transmission of data via the Internet.

We have wide experience in this key and fast-developing market. We provide a full range of services for players in the industry, including advising on general regulatory and licensing issues, rules of service provision and traffic requirements, requirements of building communication networks and separate types of equipment and integration of new services. In particular, we help obtain licenses for providing communication services and permissions to use radio frequencies. Also, we provide radio electronic (RES) registration and high-frequency devices (HFD). In addition, we help to check, develop and coordinate agency and subscriber contracts, agreements on equipment placement and provision of infrastructure, operator and other agreements.

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