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Inventions & Utility Models

Obtaining patent protection in Russia is possible by using Russian national or Eurasian regional patent system, or even combining both. Foreign clients are to be represented before Russian and Eurasian patent offices by a patent attorney admitted to practice before them. However, qualification of a patent attorney cannot be measured by mere certification to practice before a patent office - is shall be composed equally of scientific and technical knowledge on the one hand, and patent and legal education on the other, which includes keeping up with and studying constantly changing domestic and foreign patent law and procedures; skill and practical experience, which are gained through years of working in the industry, add to the attorney’s qualifications and suitability too.

Our patent attorneys stem from the fields of science and technology that are most in demand, which ensures that the attorney we appoint for each client has a degree in the field of the engineering solutions for which protection is sought – or a closely linked field at the very least. Where the client’s technology comprises solutions from different fields, several attorneys from the relevant fields may be involved in their patenting if such involvement is to the client’s benefit and the client approves it. However, in all cases, each our client is assigned a particular person within our team to discuss all issues concerning the protection of industrial property or related issues.

Your patent attorney will design a strategy to protect your innovations that is tailored to your goals; he or she will outline the procedures for filing applications and obtaining patent registrations, in line with the overall strategy; he or she will be always at your assistance during patent examination and post grant patent life to advice and implement the most rational procedural steps.

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