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Industrial Designs

Developing a new and original appearance for products is crucial for companies to stay ahead of their competitors because customers pay attention not only to products’ technical features, but also to their design. Accordingly, protecting designs against unauthorized reproduction by third parties is of the utmost importance. We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to assist with this issue. Many well-known Russian and foreign companies have entrusted us with the patenting of their industrial designs. Our specialists promptly and efficiently prepare and do whatever is needed to obtain and maintain design patents.

If the case is entrusted to our law firm minimal participation of the client will be required in the patenting procedure. Our specialists will conduct information search among patented industrial designs, they will prepare drawings on the basis of the pictures provided by the client and prepare a description of the industrial design. On the other hand, official actions on applications for industrial designs and lawfulness of grant of a patent may be efficiently appealed by patent attorneys of our firm.

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