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IP Transactions

Intellectual property may be subject to various corporate and commercial transactions. It can be transferred through universal succession to new legal parties, and they can be restructured, sold or obtained in the course of mergers or acquisitions.

We provide legal support to our clients throughout all corporate or commercial transactions related to IP rights, and provide the necessary assistance for registering IP transfers. During the initial stage, we help to verify the legal status of any intellectual property that is the object of corporate and commercial deals, as well as assist in checking and preparing all necessary documents, including:

  • license agreements
  • franchise agreements
  • security interests (pledges) and other contracts

We provide full legal support in the field of intellectual property, including assisting Russian and foreign clients in participating in negotiations with contractors and discussing the terms of the deals, checking and preparing the necessary underlying documents and agreements, and registering the deals with the relevant authorities to give them full legal effect.

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