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Series of seminars "Creative economy in connection with IP"

6 October - 25 November 2022

Tatiana Filimonova, Trademark Attorney, Senior lawyer (“Gorodissky and Partners”, Perm), Natalia Nikolaeva, Partner, Regional Director (Gorodissky & Partners, Novosibirsk), Nikolay Raschupkin, Lawyer, and Elizaveta Homutova, Lawyer (both - Gorodissky & Partners, Ekaterinburg) held a series of seminars "Creative economy in connection with IP".

The seminars were aimed at authors and developers, business community representatives in the field of creative industries of Perm region. The seminars were organized by Gorodissky & Partners in cooperation with the Perm business development fund, the regional Fund for Promotion of Innovations with the support of the Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs' Rights in Perm region.

Tatiana Filimonova lectured on: “RIA as a creative economy basis. Basic provisions”, “Copyright subject matters as a part of creative industries. Software. Registration procedures”, “Trademarks and creative industries”, “Trade secrets in creative entrepreneurship. Exclusive right disposal to RIA and means of individualization”.

Natalia Nikolaeva, made presentations on: “"Legal regulation of exclusive rights in art", and “Legal regulation of exclusive rights in media and digital content production”.

Nikolay Raschupkin and Elizaveta Homutova held a webinar on: “Peculiarities of RIA legal protection in the field of creative industries (architecture, industrial design, fashion industry)”.