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Gala evening for partners of State Historical Museum

28 May 2019

Representatives of Gorodissky & Partners took part in the gala evening for the partners of the State Historical Museum and were awarded with a diploma for “For supporting the projects to preserve the cultural heritage of Russia”.

With the support of the firm, work on the restoration of unique pair of Johan Blau globes began. They will soon take place in the museum's exposition. The State Historical Museum is the only museum in Russia possessing a pair of Johan Blau globes. Earth and heavenly globes are available in Russia in a single copy. They were created in Amsterdam in the late 1640s. Globes are unique museum objects, an important source of the history of the Great Geographical Discoveries and European scientific thought. They are considered as one of the symbols of the Golden Age of Holland, and their images can be found on the canvases of Jan Bruegel and Jan Vermeer. The Blau globes adorn the central museums of the world, such as the Papal Palace of the Vatican and the Palace of the Doge of Venice.