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Legal Advanced Studies "Intellectual Property: Current Legal Issues and Court Practices” (M-Logos)

27 May 2019

Sergey Medvedev, PhD, LLM, Partner (Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow), within the Gorodissky IP School project gave a presentation on "Legal Methods of Fighting Against Counterfeits and Parallel Imports: Theory and Practice" at the legal advanced studies seminar program "Intellectual Property: Current Legal Issues and Court Practices” held by the Law Institute "M-Logos". The speaker outlined the main legal and practical aspects of enforcement of exclusive rights in cases of illegal use of trademarks, copyrights and other IP subject-matters in commerce and on the Internet.

The speaker spoke about the major mechanisms for the protection of exclusive rights, in particular, the preparation and sending of cease and desist letters to potential infringers, initiation and handling of administrative and criminal proceedings, participation in Police raids, filing of civil lawsuits and litigation in cases related to infringement of exclusive rights. Special attention was paid by Sergey to the peculiarities of recordation of trademarks in the Customs IP Register (TROIS) of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, as well as the issues related to the creation and maintenance of the Unified Customs IP Register of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

The presentation was accompanied by case law examples, including from the personal practice of the speaker. The lecture was attended by over 50 lawyers and experts from various industries, in particular industrial, telecom and pharma-sectors.