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Successful Prevention Of Counterfeit Goods Sales


Representatives of Italian largest international luxury goods manufacturer found a sale of counterfeit goods marked with its trademark on a social network “Vkontakte”.


Finding a violation, company representatives turned to specialists of Gorodissky & Partners, who using their own unique monitoring platform GORODISSKY IP SECURITY, based on the principles of machine learning and big data analysis, monitored and found many accounts in various social networks, as well as an online store owned by one person. In total, the seller posted over 100 offers for the sale of goods marked with the trademark of the owner. After an automated data analysis, it was possible to establish the identity of a person engaged in the sale of counterfeit goods. In cooperation with the police, a test purchase was carried out, the infringer was detained. A warehouse was discovered where more than 1000 items of counterfeit goods were stored. The counterfeit was seized and destroyed.


As results of systematic search and block of counterfeit goods sale on the Internet, the trademark owner increased sales of official products in the Russian Federation.