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1 April 2011

In Russia, in order to file a trademark application, it is not necessary to submit material proving use of the mark or even intention to use. However, before filing a trademark application, certain general points should be taken into account in order to ensure that proper protection for the trademark is obtained. Accor ding to Article 1482(1) of Part 4 of the Civil Code, «word designations, device designations, threedimensional and other designations or their combinations may be registered as trademarks».

The phrase «other designations or their combinations may be registered as trademarks» implies that there is no limitation on the types of mark available. Such designations may be sound, sensor trademarks, film clips, or combinations of these. Moreov er, Article 1482(2) states that «a trademark may be registered in any colour or colour combination». However, this statement does not mean that protection of a black-and-white trademark automatically provides protection to a variant of that mark in colour. The owner of a trademark in black and white does not have exclusive rights for all colour variants of the trademark.

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