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Russia: Territorial internet law allows Roskomnadzor to "carry out centralised administration" of Runet // DataGuidance.com

13 May 2019

Ilya Goryachev, Senior Lawyer at Gorodissky & Partners, highlighted, "The focus of the Law is the imposition of additional obligations for telecommunication businesses […] that may lead to substantial expenses. In particular, telecommunications operators that provide access to the internet will be obliged to ensure installation of certain technical devices aimed at preventing threats to the 'stability, safety and integrity' for the operation of the internet in Russia. [Furthermore], the restructuring of traffic routing may lead to a decrease of the amount of data transferred out of Russia, [and thus] have a negative impact on further development of Internet of Things ('IoT') [...] In this regard, companies engaged in IoT will need to carefully monitor the issuance of bylaws which will emerge after adoption of the law to navigate between the relevant requirements. [Additionally], the specific provisions on the operation of the national system of domain names are not yet approved. This is among the issues to monitor in the next few years to see which particular benefits may be created for businesses operating in Russia."

Full text of the article (PDF)