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Conference «Art Law. Legal Regulation and Protection of Intellectual Rights in State and Private Museums and Galleries»

1 June 2023

Gorodissky & Partners held a conference "Art Law. Legal Regulation and Protection of Intellectual Rights for Public and Private Museums and Galleries".

Victor Stankovsky, Partner, Russian Patent Attorney, Eurasian Patent & Design Attorney, Regional Director, told about the aspects of trademark registration on the example of the State Hermitage and the Monrepo Park; Maria Nosova, Lawyer, Trademark Attorney highlighted the issue of international trademark registration on the example of the Imperial Porcelain Factory and spoke about the evolution of its trademark; Maria Voronchikhina, Senior Consultant, Design Attorney (all - Gorodissky & Partners, St.Petersburg), dwelled on the issue of patenting of Kronshtadt forts models as industrial designs.

Irina Zhigalova, Partner, Trademark Attorney, Regional Director ("Gorodissky & Partners", Nizhny Novgorod) gave a presentation on "Folk Arts and Crafts of Russia. History and Present" she made the report about registration of rights for handicraft products and their legal protection against unauthorized copying.

Natalia Nikolaeva, Partner, Trademark Attorney, Regional Director ("Gorodissky & Partners", Novosibirsk) and Yaroslava Gorbunova, Senior Lawyer, Trademark Attorney (Gorodissky & Partners, St.Petersburg) discussed with Italian colleagues Alberto Contini, Andrea Polini, Matteo Piccinali, ("Zaglio-Orizio E Associati Studio Legale", Italy) main differences of copyright legislation in Italy as well as global trends in this field, including protection of street-art works and objects created by artificial intelligence.

Nikita Maltsev, Ph.D., Trademark Attorney, Lawyer (Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow), touched upon the issues of protection of museums' intellectual property rights in the Internet and suggested ways to solve them.

Representatives of the State Hermitage legal department Marina Tsyguleva, Anastasia Demchenko and Alexandra Ivanova conducted a round table discussion on "Intellectual Property & Culture. Opportunities and Limitations".

The conference was also attended by Maria Krotova, Head of the legal support and state order department of the Tsarskoye Selo State Museum, Marina Chistyakova, Deputy director for collection work of the State Historical Museum and Daniil Zhmaev, representative of "Fortmaket" Ltd.