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Сonference "Franchising. Investments. Entrepreneurship"

28 November 2023

Evgeny Alexandrov, Ph.D., Partner, Trademark & Design Attorney, Head of Legal, Trademark & Design Practice, Dmitry Rusakov, Head of Brand Protection Group (both - Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow), Natalia Nikolaeva, Partner, Trademark Attorney, Regional Director (Gorodissky & Partners, Novosibirsk), Nikolay Ptitsyn, Trademark Attorney, Regional Director (Gorodissky & Partners, Vladivostok) and Dmitry Semihvostov, Lawyer (Gorodissky & Partners, Samara) spoke at the conference "Franchising. Investments. Entrepreneurship", organized by Kommersant Publishing House in cooperation with Gorodissky & Partners.

The main topics that were discussed during the conference were:

  • How to capitalize on your brand and create a sought-after franchise project?
  • What is franchise packaging and how to do it competently?
  • How not to make a mistake when buying or selling a franchise?
  • How to make a franchise strong and sellable?
  • A new anti-counterfeiting tool: how does it work?

Experts shared their experience, forecasts, and real business cases in a business discussion.