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Valery Narezhny

Valery Narezhny

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  • Financial college (Vladikavkaz) (1992–1994)
  • Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (1994–2004)
  • Moscow Institute of Public Administration and Law (2000–2003)


  • Taxation policy Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (1998–2000)
  • Finance Department of the Russian Government office (2001)
  • Avakov, Tarasov and Partners (2001–2004)
  • Levant and Partners (2004–2008)
  • Kamenskaya and Partners (2008–2010)
  • Incor Alliance Law Office (2010–2013)
  • Gorodissky and Partners since 2014


  • The external lecturer of Institute of modern education technologies since 2014


  • Russian
  • English
  • German
  • Tax law and due diligence
  • Customs law
  • Arbitration and civil procedural law
  • M&A transaction support
  • Labor law
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • “FTS publishes information on taxpayer obligations and financial reporting” (International Law Office (ILO), November 2018)
  • “IP as intangible assets and their value to a company” (Commersant - Sibir / Novosibirsk, 26.09.2018)
  • “Tax authorities to be given access to audit documents” (International Law Office (ILO), September 2018)
  • “New approach to beneficial owners of income” (International Law Office (ILO), August 2018)
  • “Is it necessary to exclude the antimonopoly immunity of intellectual property from the law on the protection of competition?” (“Patents and Licenses”, № 7, 2018)
  • “Taxing transfers of trademark rights as contributions to charter capital” (International Law Office (ILO), June 2018)
  • “Russian tax benefits for research & development engineers” (Financier Worldwide, April 2018)
  • “Additional tax reports required from Russian divisions of international companies” (International Law Office (ILO), February 2018)
  • “New tax benefits for innovative companies and marquee investors” (International Law Office (ILO), December 2017)
  • “Multilateral convention on implementation of BEPS Plan signed” (International Law Office (ILO), August 2017)
  • “Federal Tax Service develops concept of unjustified tax benefit” (International Law Office (ILO), June 2017)
  • “New procedure for recognition of losses in profit taxation” (International Law Office (ILO), March 2017)
  • “Tax aspects of cost contribution agreements within MNE groups” (International Law Office (ILO), December 2016)
  • “Tax aspects of pricing in IP transactions” (Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) - International report, October 2016)
  • “Suppression of unfair competition and unfair/inaccurate advertising on the Internet (Advertising or unfair competition?)” (Gorodissky and Partners Information Bulletin, № 3 (114) 2016)
  • “Google tax revolutionises tax regime for digital content sales” (International Law Office (ILO), July 2016)
  • “Judicial precedents — 2011” (“Arbitration practice”, #12, 2011)
  • “Taxation of income tax in case of uncompensated transfer and acquisition of property” (“Tax reporter”, #7, 2009)
  • “Overview of most important tax resolutions of the Supreme Commercial Court of Russian Federation” (“Arbitration practice”, #3, 2011)
  • “Personal guarantee of a legal entity owner” (“Company”, # 11, 2009)
  • “Accounting and taxation of expenses of a company in the absence of income” (“Financial newspaper”, # 10, 2010)
  • “Peculiarities of injunctive reliefs in tax disputes” (“Tax disputes”, № 10, 2009)
  • “Current problems of legal entities forced liquidation” (“Corporate lawyer”, # 8, 2009)
  • “Unfounded contractors tax benefits: negative consequences and their prevention” (“Tax reporter”, #1, 2009)
  • “By what law? Shareholder agreements in Russia” (“Consultant” #19, 2009)
  • “Property tax optimization” (“Financial newspaper”, #12, 2008)
  • “Problems of using shareholder agreements in Russian practice” (“The joint-stock reporter”, # 3, 2008)
  • “Joint activity: legal, tax and accounting partnership rules” (publishing house “The Peak”, 2006)
  • “Simplified tax system” (publishing house “Accountants hotline”, 2004)


  • “Licensing of IP along with creating joint ventures” (LES Russia seminar “Licensing as an effective business development tool”, Moscow, December 2018)
  • “The actual income recipient: problem of definition, prospect of development”, “Significant tax disputes 2018” (XIV Russian National Tax Forum, Moscow, October 2018)
  • “Tax Aspects of IP Transactions”, “Protection from Unfair Competition in IP Transactions” (Seminar “Intellectual Property Subjects: Legal Protection and Turnover”, Moscow, October 2018)
  • “Issues of e-commerce subjects taxation” (Seminar “Actual Issues of Doing Business on the Internet”, Moscow, October 2018)
  • “Benefits and Features of Taxation in IP” (Business breakfast “Intellectual property and related issues”, Moscow, October 2018)
  • “Taxation of intangible assets” (Seminar “Intellectual Property in the Activity of Companies”, Ekaterinburg, April 2018)
  • “Return of Illegally Granted Exclusive rights to Official Intellectual Activity Results: Theory and Practice” (16th annual seminar “IP protection strategies for successful company development”, Moscow, April 2018)
  • “Taxation aspects of operations with IP subject matters” (Seminar “Protection and capitalization of IP. Certification and localization of export products”, Moscow, December 2017
  • “Tax optimization. Getting tax relief” (Seminar “Tax results of the year”, Moscow, December 2017
  • “Tax concession for innovative companies” (Online Tax Marathon, Moscow, November 2017
  • “Litigation over debtors transactions made to the detriment of the creditor” (Seminar “Bankruptcy of legal bodies and individuals”, Moscow, September 2017
  • “Legal and economic aspects of IP transactions” (4th IP seminar Gorodissky IP School, Dubna, May 2017)
  • “Tax arrears recovery from the debtor`s interdependent and affiliated persons” (Seminar “Recovery of damages from the management of a legal body, controllers”, MCCI, Moscow, February 2017)
  • “Tax issues of IP use in business” (Seminar “IP Economic aspects” at the Novosibirsk Region Science Festival 2016 “Science: Images of Future”, Novosibirsk, September 2016)
  • “Tax issues of IP use in a corporate business” (14th annual seminar “IP protection strategies for successful company development”, Moscow, April 2016)
  • “Topical issues of small businesses legal protection”(the Chamber of Commerce roundtable “Changes in legislation related to small and medium-sized businesses: monitoring results for 1–3 quarters of 2015”, Moscow, November 2015)
  • “Intangible assets taxing” (IP seminar “Topic issues of intangible assets accounting and taxing”, Ekaterinburg, October 2015)
  • “Tax treatment of IP assets” (seminar “Rights for IP activity results: turnover and protection”, Moscow, September 2015)
  • “Complicated and disputable situations related to intangible assets amortization and capital investments to the leasehold property” (practicum “Profits tax: the way to minimize risks”, Moscow, July 2015)
  • “Tax and customs issues of IP use: current trends” (13th annual seminar “IP Protection Strategies for the Company Successful Development”, Moscow, April 2015)
  • “New trends in the use of IP for the purposes of tax planning” (conference “Tax planning and protection of innovations in IP sphere”, Moscow, Russia, April 2012)
  • “Perspectives of increase of the tax burden on individuals in connection with the property tax imposition” (interview to the channel “Expert-TV”, Moscow, Russia, November 2011)
  • “International tax planning for corporations” (international seminar “European holdings”, Moscow, Russia, February 2011)
  • “How changes Changes to the Federal Law on Insolvency (Bankruptcy) affect the business climate” (interview to the channel “Expert-TV”,Moscow, Russia, June 2010)
  • “The right to suspend the tax arrears collecting process during litigation” (VII International science and practical conference “Tax law in the rulings of Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation in 2009”, Moscow, Russia, April 2010)
  • “Perspectives of using offshore jurisdictions by Russian business” (interview to the Russian channel RBK-TV, Moscow, Russia, December 2009)
  • “IP as a tool for tax optimization” (seminar “Record of rights for the results of science and technical activity and capitalization of IP objects, defining patent and license strategies of the company”, Obninsk, Russia, November 2009)
  • “The form, not the content is the taxmans priority” (interview “Pravo.ru”, Moscow, Russia, October 2009)
  • “Perspectives of progressive taxation of personal income in Russia” (“Expert-TV” channel, Moscow, Russia, September 2009)
  • “Fighting against offshore money flows — populist governments policies” (interview for “Slon.ru”, Moscow, Russia, August 2009)
  • “IP as a tax optimization tool” (“Rosnano” seminar, Moscow, Russia, July 2008)
  • “Taxation of foreign investments in the Russian economy” (conference of the Association of European business “Comparison of EU and Russian Regulations on Investments into Strategic Sectors of the Economy”, Moscow, Russia, February 2008)
  • Supporting a package of partnership, franchise and investment agreements between a number of Russian private persons and a Dutch commercial real estate company on a large shopping center development.
  • Winning a number of commercial disputes on returning the investors share rights in one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers and recovery of unjustifiable enrichment in favor of the investor.
  • Advising more than a hundred Russian and foreign companies on tax law issues.
  • Land-tax overpayment recovery for a number of Russian defense companies totaling more than 680 mln rubles.
  • Forming a corporate structure of a large holding specializing in real estate management in 14 subjects of the Russian Federation
  • Represented a large Russian distributor of alcoholic beverages in a dispute concerning protection of business reputation. By the amount of claimed compensation (over 700 mln. rubles), this dispute became one of the biggest in the history of this category of claims. As a result of the dispute the court completely rejected the claims against the client.
  • Representation of client's interests in the series of disputes on debt collection over 500,000,000 rubles under patent license agreements.
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