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Alyona Platonova

Alyona  Platonova
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  • Ural State Technical University (2004-2010)
  • Ural Federal University (2010-2014)
  • Ural Federal University (2020)


  • Kuhner&Wacker (Freising, Germany) (2015)


  • Ural Federal University (2010-2013)
  • Gorodissky and Partners since 2013


  • Russian
  • English
  • Patents in the field of:
    • Manufacture of food
    • Chemical production
    • Production of basic chemicals
    • Manufacture of dyes and pigments
    • Production of basic inorganic chemicals
    • Production of basic organic chemicals
    • Production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
    • Chemical means of plant protection and agrochemical products
    • Manufacture of pharmaceuticals and materials
    • Manufacture of medicines
    • Medical products
    • Washing, cleaning and polishing agents
    • Manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics
    • Manufacture of artificial and synthetic fibers
    • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • Technical fields:
    • General organic chemistry
    • Chemistry of biologically active additives
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Agrochemistry
    • Perfumery
    • Cosmetics
    • Petrochemistry
    • Polymer chemistry
  • Objects:
    • Low molecular organic compounds
    • Biologically active additives, in particular intermediates and colorants
    • Medicinal products
    • Veterinary products
    • Pesticides
    • Agrochemicals
    • Detergents, disinfectants
    • Cosmetic and perfumery means
    • Methods, technologies for their production, isolation, analysis and application
    • Methods of treatment, prevention and diagnosis
    • Methods and technologies for obtaining organic substances, products of oil and gas processing, polymeric materials
  • “The Rugheimer-Burrows reaction revisited: Facile preparation of 4-alkylisoquinolines and 3,5-dialkylpyridines from (partially) saturated amines” (“Tetrahedron Letters”, No.23, 2015 (co-authored with D. Seidel)
  • “Synthesis of condensed 3-cyano and 3-carbamoyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolines” (Russian Chemical Bulletin, No.7, 2014 (co-authored with A. Poluikova, T. Glukhareva, Yu. Morgerin)
  • “Microwave synthesis of condensed 3-thiocarbamoylquinolines by the Reinholdt reaction and their modification by the Ganch method” (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds No.10, 2014 (co-authored with A. Poluikova, O. Trofimova, T. lukhareva, Yu. Morgerin)
  • “Redox-Neutral α-Oxygenation of Amines: Reaction Development and Elucidation of the Mechanism” (“Journal of the American Chemical Society”, 2014 (co-authored with M. Richers, M. Breugst, A. Ullrich, A. Dieckmann, K. Houk, D. Seidel)
  • “Metal-free α-amination of secondary amines: Computational and experimental evidence for azaquinone methide and azomethine ylide intermediates” (“The Journal of Organic Chemistry”, 2013 (co-authored with A. Dieckmann, M. Richers, C. Zhang, D. Seidel, K. Houk)
  • “Synthesis and kinetics of the cyclization of 3-(dialkylaminophenyl)-2-(phenylcarbonyl)-prop-2-ennitriles” (“Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds”, No.5, 2013 (co-authored with T. Glukhareva, O. Zimovets, O. Eltsov, Yu. Morgerin)
  • “Facile access to ring-fused aminals via direct α-amination of secondary amines with o-aminobenzaldehydes: Synthesis of vasicine, deoxyvasicine, deoxyvasicinone, mackinazolinone, and ruteacarpine” (“Synthesis”, № 13, 2013 (co-authored with M. Richers, I. Deb, C. Zhang, D. Seidel)
  • “tert-Aminoeffect: Met-Kon and Reinhoudt Reactions” (review). (“Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds”, No.3, 2013 (co-authored with T. Glukhareva, O. Zimovets, Yu. Morgerin)
  • “Regioselective reaction of ortho-piperidinobenzaldehydes with pyrazolone” (Russian Chemical Bulletin No.5, 2011 (co-authored with E. Deeva, O. Zimovets, D. Shatunova, O. Eltsov, P. Slepukhin, T. Glukhareva, Yu. Morgerin)
  • Advising Russian companies on the strategy for acquiring patent protection in Russia, United States, Canada, European Union, CIS countries, China, India, South Korea, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Brazil.
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