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Valery Medvedev

Valery Medvedev
Russian Patent & Trademark Attorney Eurasian Patent & Design Attorney
Managing Partner
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  • Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) (1974–1981)
  • Central Institute of Intellectual Property (1983–1985)
  • Paris Sorbonne University (Paris, France) (1990)
  • Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property (Concord, NH, USA) (1993)
  • Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property (2003–2006)


  • “Cabinet Thebault” (Bordeaux, France) (1990)


  • LES Intenational
  • INTA
  • Chamber of patent attorneys
  • Council of the Eurasian Patent Attorneys


  • Sojuzpatent (1981–1999)
  • Gorodissky and Partners since 1999


  • Russian
  • English
  • French


  • President of FICPI Russia since 2012
  • Vice-President of LES International (1999 — 2000)
  • Vice-President of LES Russia (2000 — 2011)
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Russian Court for Intellectual Property Rights since 2014
  • Member of IP Scientific Methodological Council at the Russian State Academy on Intellectual Property since 2012
  • Member of the Editorial board “The Patent Lawyer” (USA)


  • The Best Lawyers©
  • Who’s Who Legal
  • IAM Patent 1000
  • WTR-1000
  • MIP IP Stars
  • Expert Guides
  • Leaders League
  • Legal 500
  • WIPR Leaders
  • PRAVO-300
  • Patents in the field of:
    • Manufacture of turbo-jet and turbo-prop engines along with components and replacement parts
    • Manufacture of jet and rocket engines with components and replacement parts
    • Manufacture of helicopters and other flying machines
    • Manufacture of ships, aircraft, spacecraft and other transport vessels
    • Manufacture of internal combustion engines for motorized vehicles
    • Manufacture of pumps, compressors and hydraulic systems
    • Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment
    • Manufacture of machine tools
    • Electric-powered machines and equipment
    • Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity
    • Electroacoustic equipment
    • Semi-conductor components
    • Instruments and apparatus for the automated regulation and control
  • Strategic counseling on industrial design prosecution and acquisition
  • Trademarks
  • IP rights protection
  • Intellectual assets management
  • Licensing and technology transfer


  • LES Intenational
  • INTA
  • Chamber of patent attorneys
  • Council of the Eurasian Patent Attorneys


  • The Best Lawyers©
  • Who’s Who Legal
  • IAM Patent 1000
  • WTR-1000
  • MIP IP Stars
  • Expert Guides
  • Leaders League
  • Legal 500
  • WIPR Leaders
  • PRAVO-300
  • “Artistic and Stylistic Features as a New Item of Intellectual Property in the Field of Folk-Art Crafts” (“Patent Attorney” Magazine, № 1, 2021)
  • “Pharma Patents: Healing the Rights” (The Global IP Matrix magazine, issue 3, January 2019)
  • “Patent Claim Interpretation — Global Edition” (“THOMSON Reuters” WEST, Editor-in-Chief Edward D.Manzo, US, 2014–2015)
  • “Wines and trademarks in Russia: hints for the business” (“OICCE Times”, N. 55, 2013)
  • “No one calls for innovations in developed countries” (Journal “Ekaterinburg”, December 2011-January 2012)
  • “The law has to be updated” (Journal “Patent attorney”, #3, 2009)
  • “Renovated Russian IP Legislation: First Probation” (Journal of the Japanese Group AIPPI, #2, 2009)
  • “Principals of unity of invention in the international patent law: a comparative analysis of the provisions and rules in the PCT, EPC, EAPC)” (Moscow Publishing House “Patent”, monograph, 2006)
  • “Patent extension: there is a problem” (Journal “Patent attorney”, #2, 2005)
  • “Eurasian and European Patents” — similarities and differences” (“EPI”, #1, March, 2004)


  • “Is it Worth Being Afraid of Sanctions Towards IP?” (Gorodissky seminar “Eurasia: New IP Horizons”, Dubai, October 2023)
  • “Protection of Intellectual Property in New Environment” (21th Gorodissky annual seminar “IP Protection Strategies for Successful Company Development”, Moscow, September 2023)
  • “Intellectual Property in Industry - Relevance and Comparison of the Situation in the IP Market in Russia and Abroad” (Meeting of the Subcommittee on Intellectual Property in the Field of High-Tech Products and Production Complexes under the Committee on IP and Creative Industries of RSPP, Moscow, March 2020)
  • “Modern role of IP in business” (International Digital Summit 2019, Nizhniy Novgorod, September 2019)
  • “Innovations and IP” (Seminar “IP importance in doing business”, Krasnodar, March 2019)
  • “Innovations and IP” (Seminar “Patenting inventions abroad: why, where and how”, Moscow, November 2018)
  • “Patent prosecution in Russia” (The 2018 China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit (CIPIS), Shenzhen, November 2018)
  • “Innovations and IP” (Russian Industrial Forum, Ufa, February-March 2018)
  • “IP protection within the Eurasian Economic Union” (3rd Annual Conference “Doing Business With The Eurasian Economic Union”, Washington D.C., November 2016)
  • “Intellectual property - import substitution” (14th annual seminar “IP protection strategies for successful company development”, Moscow, April 2016)
  • “Eurasian PTO and Gorodissky & Partners - 20 years together” (Anniversary International Conference “Role of regional patent organizations in the world intellectual property system”, Moscow, November 2015)
  • “Restricting the rights to trademark use” (V St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, St. Petersburg, May 2015)
  • “Amendments in the Russian IP Legislation” (seminar held by AIPPI National Group of Georgia, Georgia, Tbilisi, November 2014)
  • “Wine brands protection in Russia” (“World Wine Trade Congress”, Pollenzo, Italy, October 2013)
  • “Trademarks in Russia: A Guide for Use and Successful Enforcement” (13th International Trademark Conference, Alicante, September 2013)
  • “Current IP landscape in Russia” (9th Annual International Seminar “Obtaining and Enforcement of IP rights in Russia”, St. Petersburg, August 2013)
  • “Industrial property protection and CIS integration” (workshop “Investments and Innovations. Real Economy” of International economic Forum of CIS Countries “Modern challenges and outlook of integration development of CIS territories”, Moscow, March 2013)
  • “Patent Protection in Russia” (Russian Baltic IP Seminar, Stockholm, March 2013)
  • “IP rights protection in international markets” (international conference “Management of knowledge and innovation: technology leaders lessons “, Moscow, December 2012)
  • “Current IP legislation in Russia” (AIPPI Japan Seminar “Russian IP Law”, Tokyo, February 2012)
  • “Litigation in BRICS countries: where do we stand now?” (“IP Week”, Brussels, December 2011)
  • “Intellectual property — engine of modern economy” (annual international IP conference “Intellectual Property: from reliable protection to efficient management”, Ekaterinburg, November 2011)
  • “Trademarks in Russia: Use and Enforcement” (International Trademark Conference, Alicante, Spain, April 2011)
  • “Patent Acquisition in Russia” (BIPF, Beijing, China, November 2009)
  • “Doing Justice to Patent Infringers in Russia” (AIPPI Baltic Conference, Tallinn, Estonia, September, 2009)
  • “Intellectual Property system in Russia: Patents, Trademark Applications and Judicial Actions” (Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, Tokyo, Osaka, Japan, February 2008)
  • “Succession in state policy on enhancing of IPR protection in regard of new of Part IV of the Russian Civil Code” (Seminar “Obtaining and enforcement of IP rights in Russia”, Beijing, June 2007)
  • “Current IP legislation in Russia” (Seminar “Obtaining and enforcement of IP rights in Russia”, Tokyo, June 5, 2007)
  • “Topical issues of inventions’ patenting in the post-Soviet space” (international conference “World patent system: state and perspectives of development”, Moscow, September 2006)
  • “Trademarks in Russia” (seminar “Obtaining and enforcement of IP rights in Russia”, Japan, June, 2006)
  • “Protection of Inventions and Trademarks in Russia” (seminar of “Winter, Brandl & Partners”, Munich, Germany, September 2005)
  • “Measures against counterfeit in Russia” (seminar in Japan Patent Office, Tokyo, July 2005)
  • “Competent registration of rights on results of creative activity of the enterprise” (conference “Intellectual Property in Russian business economies”, Moscow, March 2005)
  • “The Eurasian Patent Convention: A Eurasian attorney’s view” (Seminar of EPO “The Eurasian Patent System: Recent Developments”, Paris and London, November 2002)
  • “License trade technology”(conference “Intellectual Property in business economies”, Moscow, October 2002)
  • “Changes and Challenges for Licensing in Eastern Europe” (“Pan-European LES Conference”, Prague, September 2002)
  • “Patent law and practice in Russia and abroad” (conference “IP protection in Russia”, Moscow, November 2001)
  • “Collision of trademarks and other industrial property subject matters” (Conference “Brand protection in Russia”, Moscow, June 2001)
  • “Introduction to Trademarks” (Intellectual Property and Licensing NATO Science for peace program, Moscow, Russia, March 2001)
  • “EAPC: A Challenge to Get Patent Rights in Russia and CIS” (Seminar “Aoki, Ishida & Associates”, Tokyo, Japan, November 2000)
  • “Patent Law and Practice in Russia” (Seminar “Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt”, Arlington, USA October 2000)
  • “The practice in the application of Russian IP legislation in the international technology transfer” (international seminar “Business in Russia. Technology transfer and new opportunities for international cooperation”, Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N. E. Zhukovsky, Moscow, 1999)
  • “Latest development of Russian Intellectual property laws and practices” (“The International Symposium on Intellectual Property Protection”, Shanghai, China, October 1994)
  • As part of «Gorodissky & Partners» team represented a large Japanese producer of shock-absorbers for vehicles against a patent troll, claiming to pay him 32 mln. US dollars his IP rights infringement; as a result, his 10 patents were cancelled and the cases of IP rights infringement, initiated by police, were dismissed.
  • Consulting a large Russian food processing company on its patent portfolio defense against competitor`s attacks and a strategy of retaliatory attacks on competitor`s intellectual property.
  • Represented a large Russian brandy producer in more than 100 disputes against a trademark owner in cases of alleged infringement of trademark rights in Russia; due to an effective defense strategy developed by lawyers and patent attorneys of «Gorodissky and Partners», all claims of the trademark owner were rejected by court.
  • Along with «Gorodissky & Partners» team consulted and represented a large Russian pharma company in an unfair competition dispute over registration and use of a trademark that copied the drug name, well-known since 70-ies; as a result, the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia recognized the act of unfair competition; this decision was contested but upheld by all courts, including the Supreme Commercial Court of Russia; the final decision of the courts allowed to cancel the disputed trademark.
  • Represented a large Korean electronics company in a case against a patent troll, claiming to pay him 10 million US dollars for his IP rights infringement; as a result, all his demands were rejected by the court.
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