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Maxim Gorbachev

Maxim Gorbachev
Russian Patent Attorney Eurasian Patent Attorney
Electronics & Physics Department
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  • Moscow Space Instrument Technical School (1992–1996)
  • Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science (1996–2002)
  • WIPO Academy (2003)


  • Boehmert & Boehmert (Munich, Germany) (2013)
  • Johnson & Johnson (Norderstedt, Germany) (2017)


  • Federal Institute of Industrial Property (2002–2006)
  • Gorodissky and Partners since 2006


  • Russian
  • English
Patents in the field of:
  • Targeted medical products
  • Medical instruments
  • Diagnostic & therapeutic equipment
  • Manufacture of household appliances
  • Manufacture of photocopiers, office machines for offset printing, other office equipment and their components
  • Computers and other types of data processing equipment
  • Artificial intelligence systems
  • Blockchain technology
  • Electrical lamps and other lighting equipment
  • Electronic devices
  • Semi-conductor components
  • Piezo-electrical crystals
  • Integrated circuits, micro-assemblies, and micro-modules
  • Television and radio transmission equipment, telecommunications apparatus
  • Apparatus for receiving, recording, and playback of sound and image signals
  • Video monitors and video projectors
  • Electroacoustic equipment
  • Recording and play-back sound equipment and video equipment
  • Antenna technology
  • Apparatus to measure x-ray, alpha, beta, and gamma radiation
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
  • Devices for measuring, monitoring, testing, navigating, controlling, and other purposes
  • Radar, radio navigation apparatus, and remotely control radio equipment
  • Instruments and apparatus for monitoring and measuring electrical values and ionizing radiation parameters in electrical operations and communications
  • Instruments and apparatus for controlling physical characteristics, parameters, and values
  • Instruments and apparatus for the automated regulation and control
  • Apparatus and instruments for measuring, monitoring, navigating, testing, controlling, and like purposes
  • Optical instruments, photographic and film-making equipment
  • “How to receive a patent in friendly countries?” (NDN.info, March 2023)


  • “Patent Protection of Inventions Realised by Computer Aided or Artificial Intelligence” (EAPO Regional Seminar “Common Expert Space: Topical Issues of Patent Protection”, Yerevan, May 2024)
  • “Computer-implemented inventions” (21th Gorodissky annual seminar “IP Protection Strategies for Successful Company Development”, Moscow, September 2023)
  • “Issues of legal protection and disposal of rights on computer programs” (Forum “Intellectual property - XXI century”, Moscow, April 2022)
  • “Requirements for the application for hardware and software solutions” (EAPO & Russian PTO online training “Features of examination of inventions implemented using a computer, including inventions in the field of artificial intelligence”, Moscow, March 2021)
  • “Patenting inventions abroad” (Seminar “Patenting inventions abroad: why, where and how”, Moscow, November 2018)
  • “Practice View on Regional Patent Systems” (XI International Forum “Intellectual Property XXI Century”, Moscow, April 2018
  • “Patent protection of inventions in Russia and abroad. Choosing the right strategy for international patenting of technical solutions” (Seminar “Protection and capitalization of IP. Certification and localization of export products”, Moscow, December 2017
  • “Protection of inventions by patents in Russia and abroad” (Seminar “IP protection in Russia and abroad. New perspectives”, Kazan, October 2017)
  • “Patenting in Russia and Abroad” (Seminar &ldquoAspects of IP protection abroad”, Moscow, April 2017)
  • “Planning patent prosecution in BRIC countries” (7th international BRICS IP forum (BIPF-2015), Shanghai, November 2015)
  • “Legal protection of Russian innovations abroad” (seminar of the Center of Strategic Researches of the Moscow State Lomonosov University and the Russian Foundation for Technological Development, Moscow, October 2014)
  • “Patenting in the EAEC countries” (the 12th Annual Seminar " IP Strategies for Company Successful Development”, Moscow, April 2014)
  • “Patenting as a protection of innovations” (seminar “IP Strategies for Company Successful Development”, Ekaterinburg, Perm, April 2013)
  • Representation of Russian medical equipment companies in appealing cases against patent grant and objection cases against patent refusal in the Russian PTO.
  • Consulting a Russian medical equipment company on preparing and filing applications for medical equipment invention and forming the patenting strategy in Russia and abroad.
  • Consulting an innovative Russian multimedia company on obtaining of patent protection in Europe and USA.
  • Representation of a Russian company in a legal objection case against patent refusal (the application for an invention in the sphere of distant monitoring equipment and electric data testing equipment) in the Russian PTO; as a result the decision was made in favor of the presented company.
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