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Olga Tyurina

Olga Tyurina
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  • Tumen State University. Finance-economic University (1994–1999)
  • Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property faculty (1999–2002)
  • Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property (2012–2014)


  • OEC Aviadvigatel (1999–2016)
  • Perm State University (2016–2019)
  • Gorodissky and Partners since 2019


  • Russian
  • English
  • Patent searches
  • Industrial Desings
  • Accounting for Intangible Assets
  • Maintenance of patents
  • Patenting in the field of:
    • Mining and enrichment of non-ferrous metal ores
    • Mining of oil and gas
    • Extraction of ores and sands of precious metals
    • Mining of precious metals
    • Biofuel production
    • Chemical production
    • Production of basic chemicals
    • Production of dyes and pigments
    • Synthesis of basic organic chemicals
    • Synthesis of basic inorganic chemicals
    • Fertilizer production
    • Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and materials
    • Production of medicines
    • Medical products
    • Manufacture of ceramic products
    • Production of composite materials, nanocomposites with CNTs and products from them
    • Manufacture of pumps, compressors and hydraulic systems
    • Manufacture of electric ovens
    • Manufacture of portable hand tools with a mechanical drive
    • Manufacture of household electrical appliances
    • Electrical machines and electrical equipment
    • Electrical distribution and control equipment
    • Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
    • Instruments and equipment for automatic regulation or control
    • Devices and instruments for navigation, control, measurement, control, testing and other purposes
    • Devices and equipment for automatic regulation or control, including IoT based
    • Devices and instruments for navigation, control, measurement, control, testing and other purposes
    • Production of turbojet and turboprop engines and their parts
    • Production of power plants and engines for aircraft
    • Production of means of launching space objects into outer space
    • Processing of secondary raw materials
    • Collection, purification and distribution of water
    • Manufacture of jet engines, including rocket engines, and their parts
    • Production of ground simulators for flight personnel and their parts
    • Manufacture of helicopters, airplanes and other aircraft
    • Production of means of launching space objects into outer space


  • “Technical Solutions Patenting Practice” (“Technical Solutions Patenting Practice”, Tchaikovsky, Febrary, 2020)
  • “Patent Law Basis”, “Strategies of Patenting in Russia and Abroad”, “Features of service IP subject matters” (Webinar “Fundamentals of IP protection in Russia and abroad. Basics of copyright and patent law”, Perm, September, 2020)
  • Development of strategies for the legal protection of IP for technological entrepreneurship entities and research organizations./li>
  • Conducting patent search to determine the level of technology and patent clearance of developments, products and technologies./li>
  • Development IP management strategy for a defense industry enterprise in the field of aircraft engines, gas turbine and power plants./li>
  • Drafting of documents for an initiative inventory of rights to the results of scientific and technical activities for the defense industry enterprise, carried out with the participation of Federal Agency for Legal Protection of Military, Special and Dual-Purpose Intellectual Properties./li>
  • Participation in the study of the IP management structure at one of the enterprises of the State Corporation Rostec./li>
  • Participation in scheduled inspections of Russian PTO in the field of legal protection and use of IP, created at the expense of federal budget allocations at a large industrial enterprise and at a university./li>
  • Organization of acceptance for accounting as intangible assets of more than 350 IP subject matters (patents, know-how, trademarks, computer programs)./li>
  • Advising the client on the annual inventory of intangible assets, IP subject matters, drafting of state statistical reports and forms for sending information for state registration of R&D for civil purposes.
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