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Vadim Dmitriev

Vadim  Dmitriev
Senior Consultant
Electronics & Physics Department
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  • Moscow State Technical University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (MSTU MIREA) (1986–1996)


  • Scientific and research institute «Sapphire» (1996–2008)
  • Gorodissky and Partners since 2011


  • Russian
  • English

Patents in the field of:

  • Manufacture of photocopiers, office machines for offset printing and similar office equipment
  • Computers and other data processing equipment
  • Artificial intelligence systems
  • Blockchain technology
  • Electric machines and equipment
  • Electrical distribution and control instruments
  • Electrical lamps and other lighting equipment
  • Vacuum tubes
  • Semi-conductor components
  • Piezo-electrical crystals
  • Integrated circuits, micro-assemblies and micro-modules
  • TV and radio transmission equipment, telecommunication apparatus
  • Apparatus for receiving, recording and playback of sound and image signals
  • Recording and play-back audio and video equipment
  • Radar, radio navigation apparatus and remotely control radio equipment
  • Instruments and apparatus for the automated regulation and control
  • Apparatus and instruments for measuring, monitoring, navigating, testing, controlling and other purposes
  • Optical instruments, photographic and film-making equipment
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