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Masashi Kurose

Masashi  Kurose
Japanese Patent Attorney
Of Counsel
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  • Kyoto Institute of Technology (1970)
  • Hitotsubashi University Graduate School (2000)


  • Hoffmann Eitle (Munich, Germany) (1991)


  • LESI
  • APAA
  • JPAA
  • JTMA


  • Machine Manufacturing Company (1970–1974)
  • Tomita Patent Office (1975–1976)
  • Kyowa Patent and Law Office (1977–2014)
  • Kurose IP Management since 2015
  • Gorodissky and Partners since 2015


  • Japanese
  • English


  • Auditor-secretary of the Licensing Executives Society Japan
  • International Councilor of APAA


  • Who’s Who Legal
  • WTR-1000
  • Patents in the field of mechanical engineering
  • Trademarks
  • IP rights protection
  • Visiting professor, Tokyo University of Science
  • Lecturer at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School


  • LESI
  • APAA
  • JPAA
  • JTMA


  • Who’s Who Legal
  • WTR-1000
  • “Intellectual Property System in the Russian Far East” (Japanese)("International Trade" magazine published by Japan Association for the Promotion of International Trade, November 2016)
  • “The Japanese Designs Regime, 2014” World Trademark Review magazine
  • Anti-Counterfeiting 2012, Japan”, “Anti-Counterfeiting 2013, Japan”, “Anti-Counterfeiting 2014, Japan” World Trademark Review magazine
  • “Intellectual Property System and Practice in Russia” (Coauthor)(Japanese)(RIETI 2013)
  • “Intellectual Property System in Asian Countries” (Coauthor)(Japanese)(Seirin Shoin 2010)
  • “Beginners Handbook for Counterfeiting Issues in Overseas Countries” (Coauthor)(Japanese)(JETRO 2006)
  • “Commentaries on Chinese Intellectual Property Judicial Precedents” (Coauthor)(Japanese)(JMC 2006)
  • “Legal Advice for IP License Contracts” (Coauthor)(Japanese)(Seirin Shoin 2006)
  • “Trademark Anti-counterfeiting in Asia and the Pacific Rim” 2001 International Trademark Association Special Report
  • “100 leading Cases of Chinese Intellectual Property Judicial Precedents” (Coauthor)(Japanese)(JAPIT 1997)
  • “Protection for Intellectual Property Rights in Asia”(Coauthor)(Japanese)(IIIP 1995)
  • “Intellectual Property Strategies in Asia”(Japanese) (Diamond Ltd. 1994)


  • “Introduction to the Russian legal system” (Seminar in Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association, Tokyo, July 2017)
  • Many IP Seminars held in Japan
  • The Japan-China Joint IP Seminars which were regularly held by once a year in China, 1991–2012.
  • “IP Enforcement in Asia” APAA conference, Manila, November 2011
  • “View point of dispute on bio-chemical patent infringement” CPA, Beijing, September 2010
  • “Transliteration of non-alphabetical trademarks” LESI conference, South Africa, April 2010
  • “How to stop personally imported counterfeits” Gorodissky & Partners Seminar, Moscow, September 2009
  • “Recent Revision of Japanese Patent Law” Gorodissky & Partners Seminar, St. Peterburg August 2008
  • “Role of JPAA” China Trademark Association, November 2007
  • “Measures for Counterfeiting in Russian” JETRO, Moscow, June 2007
  • “Japanese Patent Practice” AOTS, Guanzhou, November 2006
  • “Japanese Patent Practice” AOTS, Shanghai, Beijing, March 2006
  • “IP Strategies of Japanese Company” LES conference, Seoul, October 2004
  • “IP System in Asian Countries” Company meeting, Sweden, February 2004
  • “How to treat counterfeiting issues in China” Company meeting, Seoul, June 2003
  • “Affairs of Chines Patent” Japan-China joint symposium, October 2002
  • “IP Strategies of Japanese Government” APAA conference, Taipei, June 1999
  • “IP System in Asian Countries” LES conference, Seoul, November 1998
  • “Japanese Patent System” JPAA-Indonesia joint symposium, Jakarta, January 1998
  • “Chines Patent System” LES conference, Seoul, June 1988
  • “IP Education System in Japan” LES conference, Manila, January 1996
  • Handled many patent litigations in Japan
  • Handled and consulted many IP litigations in China
  • Handled four trademark infringement cases in Russia
  • handled two trademark infringement cases in India
  • Handled many counterfeiting cases in China and Asian countries
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