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Vladimir Biriulin

Vladimir Biriulin
Partner Russian Patent Attorney
Head of Special Projects
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  • Moscow State Linguistic University (1965–1969)
  • Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property (1978–1979)
  • Kutafin Moscow State Law University (1977–1981)




  • Sojuzpatent (1973–1999)
  • Gorodissky and Partners since 1999


  • President of the Russian National Group AIPPI since 2020


  • Russian
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish


  • The Best Lawyers©
  • Who’s Who Legal
  • IAM Patent 1000
  • WTR-1000
  • MIP IP Stars
  • Expert Guides
  • WIPR Leaders
  • Leaders League
  • Lexology Legal Influencer
  • IP rights protection
  • Legal proceedings
  • Technology transfer
  • Disposal of IP rights (licensing, franchising and assignment agreements)




  • The Best Lawyers©
  • Who’s Who Legal
  • IAM Patent 1000
  • WTR-1000
  • MIP IP Stars
  • Expert Guides
  • WIPR Leaders
  • Leaders League
  • Lexology Legal Influencer


  • “Intellectual Property in the Times of Global Changes: Status and Prospects” (Seminar “Intellectual Property in the Times of Global Changes: Status and Prospects” , Dubna, April 2022)
  • “IP: Reliable Base for Business in Russia” (7th World Intellectual Property Forum, Taipei, November 2019)
  • “Current IP Landscape in Russia” (Seminar “Obtaining and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Russia”, Moscow, September 2019)
  • “Is parallel importation an issue that will eventually disappear or is it becoming more of a problem for both authorities, authorised distributors and trademark owners?”, “To what extent is “bad faith” relevant in contentious trademark cases, copying of style and copying of packaging?”, “Recent court decisions affecting IP licensing in the BRICS countries and Sweden”, “How to pierce the corporate veil in Chinese trademark infringement cases” (BIPF/FICPI 2019 BRICS IP Forum, Stockholm, May 2019)
  • “Trademarks vs. Company Names” (6th World Intellectual Property Forum, New Delhi, November 2018)
  • “IP rights and Competition Law” (Conference “IP Drives the Bottom Line”, New Delhi, November 2018)
  • “Protection of GUI in BRICS countries”, “Expediting Examination of Patent Applications in Brazil, India and Russia” (10th BRICS IP Forum (BIPF), Chengdu (China), March 2018)
  • “The Impact of IP on Innovations” (Meeting of Presidents of BRICS Patent Offices, Chengdu (China), March 2018)
  • “Protection and Enforcement of Trademarks in various jurisdiction” (10th Global IP Convention, Bangalore (India), January 2018)
  • “Recent IP Developments in BRICS Countries”, “Enforcement Practice in BRICS Countries”, “Service Inventions”, “Patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions” (BRICS IP Forum 2017, Paris, October 2017)
  • “Effective strategies for protecting your IP in Russia” (Global IP & Innovation Summit 2017, Shanghai, August 2017)
  • “Trademark and brand protection in a digital market place: the what and how” (World Intellectual Property Forum (WIPF) “Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property”, Bengaluru (India), April 2017)
  • “Civil liability for IP rights infringement”, “Administrative responsibility and prosecution for IP rights infringement” (1st Seminar “IP in modern business”, Vladivostok, February 2017)
  • “Recent IP Developments in BRICS countries” and “Disposal and Enforcement of IP in Russia” (BRICS IP Forum, London, November 2016)
  • “IP in oil and gas industry in the context of import substitution” (3rd Oil and Gas Forum in Perm “New approaches and technologies to maintain the extraction activity on a late stage of field development”, October 2016)
  • “Intellectual property – import substitution” (IP Seminar “The role of intellectual property in doing business today”, Vladivostok, September 2016)
  • “Intellectual Property: Fuel of Innovation” (Global IP & Innovation Summit 2016, Shanghai, September 2016)
  • “Law Deals a Blow to the List of Features” (Gorodissky and Partners Information Bulletin, № 3 (106) 2015)
  • “Enforcement of patents and trademarks, injunctive relief. Landmark court precedents” (BIPF 2014 — BRICS IP Forum, Munich, Germany, October 2014)
  • Large-scale implementation of a trademark: how to save the trademark ownership” (Annual Seminar “IP Strategies for Company’s Successful Development”, Moscow, April 2014)
  • “Intellectual property — the base of technologic development” (International Economic Forum of the states-members of the CIS, Moscow, March 2014)
  • “Collection of evidence — halfway to successful judgment” (IP Annual Seminar “Obtaining and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Russia”, Saint Petersburg, August 2013)
  • “The problem of Trademark Non-Use. Don’t lose your trademark” (BIPF 2013 — BRICS IP Forum Chicago, USA, May 2013)
  • “Parallel Import The End of the Maze?” (IP Annual Seminar “Obtaining and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Russia”, Moscow, September, 2012)
  • “Intellectual property and law enforcement in Russia” (Annual Seminar “Annual Seminar “IP Strategies for Company’s Successful Development” Moscow, April 2012)
  • “Recent amendments in Russian IP laws” (JETRO Seminar “Russian IP Law”, Moscow, February 2012)
  • “New Russian IP Law of 2008” (Tokyo, February 2012)
  • “Doing business in Russia” (LESI Conference, Sandton, South Africa, April 2010)
  • “IP Rights Enforcement in Russia” (BIPF 2011 — BRICS IP Forum, Moscow, September 2011)
  • “Parallel Import in BRIC Countries” (BIPF 2010 — BRICS IP Forum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 2010)
  • “IPR Enforcement in Russia” (IP Annual Seminar “Obtaining and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Russia”, Shanghai, September 2008)
  • Represented a well-known American playwright in a case of a copyright protection against several Russian theatres; as a result the theatres made licensing agreements with the author for using her plays.
  • Trademark protection against company name in the context of uncertain legal framework; as a result, the court obliged the company name owner to change its name.
  • Litigation support of a large European jewelry manufacturer in a criminal case; the infringer mixed counterfeit with original products and sold it as original; the infringer was sentenced to one year imprisonment and a heavy fine.
  • Represented a large European automobile company in a trademark defense case against parallel imports; the infringer, a large Russian company, purchased and sold original products without permission of the rights’ holder; the case had a significant impact on the judicial practice of parallel import prohibition.
  • Transactional support for a large US medical company on a range of licenses and sublicenses in several CIS countries.
  • Provided return of a trademark for a large Asian beer company from Russian entrepreneur`s illegal possession.
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