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Dmitriy Semihvostov

Dmitriy Semihvostov
Software Attorney
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  • Samara State University (2009–2014)


  • Gorodissky and Partners since 2013


  • Russian
  • English
  • Legal representation in courts and at the Chamber of Patent Disputes
  • IP objects disposal agreements
  • Protection of rights for IP objects and means of individualization
  • Customs register of IP objects
  • Customs law and anti-counterfeiting
  • Copyright objects depositing
  • Computer programs registration
  • “How to make a franchise strong and sell well” (Сommersant - Volga, November 2023)
  • “Don't Forget Copyright Law When Registering a Trademark” (Сommersant - Volga, August 2023)
  • “Trademark Attack: What You Need to Know and How to Prevent?” (Сommersant - Volga, November 2020)


  • “Нow to make a franchise strong and sellable” (Business Discussion “Retail 2024: Points of Support and Opportunities”, Moscow, March 2024)
  • “How to make a franchise strong and sellable?” (Сonference “Franchising. Investments. Entrepreneurship”, Kazan, November 2023)
  • “How to make a franchise strong and sellable?” (Сonference “Franchising. Investments. Entrepreneurship”, Samara, October 2023)
  • “Industrial design and its role in enhancing competitiveness of the goods” (Interregional forum of inventors, entrepreneurs, educational and scientific teams, heads of industrial enterprises “Implementation 2.023” by Vyatka State Agrotechnological University, Kirov, June 2023)
  • “Novelties of IP law: parallel import, geographical indications and new opportunities of trademark registration” (Business discussion “Business in the global sanctions era: weak spots and urgent remedies” by Kommersant-Volga, Samara, February 2023)
  • “Software: how to protect your developments” (Interregional Conference “IP as an Impulse for Science and Technology Development in Regions”, Samara, February 2023)
  • “TIP law updates: parallel import and new opportunities in trademark registration” (Legal forum “Law and business 2022”, Samara, December 2022)
  • “The role of industrial design in improvement of the competitiveness of goods” (Interregional forum “Introduction 2.022”, Moscow, June 2022)
  • “Ways to protect the results of intellectual activity in IT industry” (Business discussion “Digital transformation: the best practices of the region”, Samara, April 2022)
  • “IP transactions: legal and practical issues” (Seminar “IP protection in Russia and abroad. New perspectives”, Samara, June 2017)
  • Represented of a famous musical group in a case on protection of exclusive right to trademarks and fight against infringers - "clones" in courts and the Chamber for Patent Disputes.
  • Represented of a large metallurgical company in a case on infringement of the exclusive right to a utility model.
  • Represented of an interregional manufacturer of food products in a copyright infringement case.
  • Represented of a company, producer of household chemicals and cosmetics in a case of non-use of a trademark.
  • Supported the registration of several dozen computer programs for an IT company.
  • Consulting a large agricultural company on the legality of using fonts.
  • Supported the registration of the alienation of the exclusive right to more than 30 trademarks from one major alcoholic beverage producer to another.
  • Supported the registration of granting Russian companies the right to use the trademark of a major Chinese medical equipment manufacturer.
  • Representation of a large German company in a case of international trademark and company name infringement when using a domain name.
  • Representation of a large Russian company in a case of trademark infringement.
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