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Antonina Vereshchagina

Antonina Vereshchagina
Russian Patent Attorney Eurasian Patent Attorney Ph.D
Chemical & Life Sciences Department
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  • Higher Chemical College of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1995–2000)
  • Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2008)


  • Hoffmann Eitle (Munich, Germany), (2009)


  • Russian pharmaceutic company (2006–2008)
  • Gorodissky and Partners since 2008


  • Russian
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Patents in the field of:
    • Crude oil and natural gas
    • Extraction of oil from shale
    • Drilling for oil, gas and shale
    • Mining and processing of iron ores
    • Mining and processing of non-ferrous ores
    • Mining and processing of rare metal ores
    • Mining minerals for chemical processing and production of fertilizers
    • Production of natural silk, artificial, and synthetic fibers
    • Production of bio-fuels
    • Pulp, paper and paperboard production
    • Production of petrochemicals
    • Chemical production
    • Production of basic chemical products
    • Production of industrial gases
    • Production of dyes and pigments
    • Manufacture of basic organic chemical products
    • Manufacture of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
    • Manufacture of plastics and other synthetic products in their primary forms
    • Manufacture of paints and other coatings
    • Detergents, cleaning and polishing products
    • Manufacture of lubricants, additives for lubricants, and anti-freeze
    • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
    • Production of automobile tires and tire accessories
    • Semi-conductor components
  • Technical fields:
    • General organic chemistry and technology
    • Petrochemistry
    • Polymeric chemistry
  • Objects:
    • Methods and technologies of production of organic substances, products of oil and gas refining and polymeric materials
    • Methods and technologies of chemical wastes treatment
    • Compositions for oil wells treatment
  • “Docetaxel containing lyophilized emulsion retains its properties” (“Proc. International student forum”, Omaha, Nebraska, USA, June 2008 (co-authors S. Uglanova, N.Klyachko, Yu. Golovin, v. Korenkov, Yu. Abrikosova, R.Ivanov))
  • “Properties of docetaxel-containing nanoemulsion as a dosage form” (“Proc. XVI International Conference on Bioencapsulation”, Dublin, Ireland, 2008 (co-authors S.Uglanova, Yu. Golovin, v. Korenkov, Yu. Abrikosova, R.Ivanov, N.Klyachko))
  • “Synthesis and reaction capacity of 2-tiasolyl-1-ethanols: abstract of dissertation for Ph. D. in chemistry” (Lomonosov Moscow State University, the faculty of chemistry, chair of organic chemistry, 2008)
  • “Synthesis of pirasolin-1H-3-ones derivatives on the basis of 2'-N-substituted monohydrozides of cyclo hexane dicarboxylic acids 1007. Synthesis of substituted and condensed tetra-hydrospyro[bens-2-azepinecyclohexanes] of 1-ciano and 1-carbamoil-5-methyl-4.5-dehydro-3H-spiro[bens-2-azepine-3,1'-cyclohexanes]“(“Chemistry of heterocycle compounds”, N7(457), 2005 (co-authors I.Mikhura, I.Popova, A. Formanovsky)
  • “Using the metalation reaction for obtaining substituted 2-(5-methyl-2-tiasolyl)ethanols” (“Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds”, N 7, 2005 (co-authors I.Mikhura, I.Popova, A. Formanovsky))
  • “Peculiarities of synthesis of substituted and condensed 2-metil-1,3-tiasoles” (“Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds”, N8 (458), 2005 (co-authors I.Mikhura, I.Popova, A. Formanovsky))
  • “Synthesis and Molecular Structures of Co2(CO)6-n(PPh3)n[μ-C2(CH2R)2] (R=CH2OH or CH2sCMe3) Derivatives Containing Chelated [cpFe(CO)2]2Sn- or w(CO)4- Fragments” (Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2000 (co-authors A.Pasynskii, Y.Torubaev, F.Denisov, R.Valiullina, G.Alexandrov, K.Lyssenko)
  • “Synthesis and molecular structures of pi-acetylene tetra cobalt decarbonyl „butterfly“ clusters [(CO)8Co4(μ-C2R2), где R=CH2OH или CH2SCMe3” (non-organic chemistry magazine “Coordination compounds”, part 45, N 6, June 2000 (co-authors A. Pasynsky, Yu. Torubaev, K. Lysenko, R. Valiullina)
  • “Heterometallic clusters based on functionalized acetylenes” (international conference “Metallic and organic compounds — materials of the third millennium” (III Razuvaev Readings), Theses, May-June 2000 (co-authors A. Pasynsky, Yu. Torubaev, K. Lysenko, F. Denisov, R. Valiullina)
  • “Synthesis and molecular structure of MnW carbonyl complex with a bridge product of isomerization of monotiolat-substituted butanediol” (“Non-organic chemistry” magazine, part 45, № 1, 2000 г. (co-authors A. Pasynsky, Yu. Torubaev, P. Kitaev, K.Lysenko)
  • “Peculiarities of synthesis, molecular structure and thermal destruction of trinuclear phenyl telluride of cobalt carbonyl cluster Со3(СO)3(μ-CO)(μ-TePh)5” (“Non-organic chemistry” magazine, Part 43, № 6, 1998 (co-authors A. Pasynsky, Yu. Torubaev, Zh. Dobrohotova, K. Lysenko, v. Novotvortsev)
  • “Synthesis and molecular structures of binuclear carbonyl tungsten complexes with phenyl-tellurion bridges” (“Coordinational Chemistry”, Part 24, № 10, 1998 (co-authors A. Pasynsky, Yu. Torubaev, A. Drukovsky, v. Lyalikov, I. Skabitsky, K. Lysenko, S. Nefjedov)
  • Representation of foreign and Russian pharmaceutical and chemical companies in appealing cases against patent grant and objection cases against patent refusal in the Russian PTO.
  • Evaluation and giving opinion on possible Russian and Eurasian patent rights infringement for Russian companies.
  • Consulting Russian companies, working in the sphere of organics production technologies development, on forming a patent strategy in Russia and abroad.
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